Feeling the Blues?

Did you know that depression could be linked to a Vitamin D deficiency? Yes, you must drink your milk but there is another way. If you are not exposed to enough sunlight each day, you could be at risk for feeling the blues. This is an interesting topic since Pittsburgh is known to be pretty gloomy. At times, we even get more rain and smog than Seattle, WA and that rain and smog can also block our much needed UVB sun rays. This prediction could be quite possible especially since nobody wants to venture outside on a cold, damp, and dreary winter day.
It’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder(S.A.D). It can affect your mood greatly by not receiving enough sunlight absorption. It is more often seen in more urbanized areas because tall buildings and pollution block UVB sun rays from the human body. This can be seen all over the Pittsburgh area too because we are surrounded by many hills and valleys. You just have to admit that you don’t spend enough time outside. These days, if people want to exercise, they just go to a gym and stay indoors all day. There are things you can do though, try to go outside in sunlight for a little bit each day. It will reduce stress and your body will absorb the Vitamin D from the sun which causes a healthy mood. If you would like to learn more about this topic,

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You can actually buy natural light sun boxes online and sit in front of them to get an adequate amount of sunlight each day. Or you can come to ESSpa Kozmetika to receive a sunlight treatment while you are there for your appointment. Plus, it is a more economical way than buying the lamp yourself. To visit ESSpa Kozmetika,
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  1. Nice people hang out here. Cool looking blog – hope it continues to work out in 2009

  2. Thankyou very much beautyroom. I look forward to posting more! Spa you soon,
    Eva Sztupka Kerschbaumer

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