Eyes: The Window to Your Soul

Have you always wondered what colors of eye shadow compliment your peepers?  Using a Marie Claire make-up book, we have made it easy for you to look for specific hues the next time you grab a color to put on your eyes. 

Blue Eyes– Take advantage of the most celebrated color of eyes.  Use warmer tones like navy, smoky gray, chocolate, apricot, or even copper.

Green Eyes– For this pretty and rare color, use colors from mauve to plum.  Any subtle red-based colors will make them pop.

Gray Eyes– This hue gives you a blank canvas to use.  If you want blue eyes, use gray or coppery red.  If you want your eyes to appear more green, use lavender or aquamarine eye shadow.

Hazel Eyes– Warm and sandy tones are perfect for hazel eyes.  Anywhere from beige to brown, plum, purples, and green bronzed hues will compliment your eyes along with dark lashes.

Black Eyes– You can use any color of the rainbow but just don’t do pearly or too light colors because they can discolor the whites of your eyes.  Midnight blue, dark gray, brown or buff tones are best to accentuate those mystery eyes of yours.

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