Jojoba: Oil of the Month

Did you know that Jojoba oil has been used for centuries by the Native Americans?  Well, due to its medical and cosmetic purposes, it has been a pretty popular choice among people and spas all around the world.  Jojoba oil is derived from a desert plant named Simmondsia Chinensis.  This small shrub like plant produces seeds which are grown for their liquid wax or also known as jojoba oil.  This plant is known to last over 100 years and that is why everyone wants to get their hands on it.  The jojoba oil is probably the most natural oil that can be found.  It is the closest oil in consistency with our own natural sebum produced by the body’s sebaceous glands.  Jojoba oil produces many benefits along with being a fabulous moisturizer, softener, cleanser and conditioner for skin and hair.

Jojoba oil:

Helps to fight wrinkles

Promotes cell growth

Is non- irritating for acne

And is anti-bacterial for clogged pores

ESSpa Kozmetika uses jojoba oils and lotions for all massage treatments.  It is the best natural and organic oil available by Mother Nature.

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