Shake it…Go on…Shake it!

So, you are probably not feeling like yourself right? From all of the holidays and New Year buffet’s and breakfasts, there has to be something we can eat on the go that is actually healthy.  America is the hardest working country in the world.  We need to start a healthy diet in the morning and take care of ourselves if we want to keep up the pace.  I know…I know…everyone has priorities, but make your diet number one!  We have provided easy recipes for organic smoothies and shakes.  They can aid in improving your digestion, energy level, and metabolism.  It’s easy…just blend or juice it up!

Remember to use all natural organic fruits, veggies, and mixer ingredients.

The Everything Shake

11 oz. carrot
9 oz. red apple
2 1/2 oz. red grapes
1 thumbnail-size piece of ginger
2 oz. spinach
2 oz. fennel
2 oz. beetroot and leaves
2 oz. celery
3 1/2 oz. sweet potato

The Cool as a Cuke Shake

7 oz. cucumber
2 1/2 oz. parsley
7 oz. celery
3 1/2 oz. fennel
9 oz. pear
1/3 oz. mint

The Banana Smoothie

1 cup of milk alternative

1 banana (fresh preferably)

1 – 2 tablespoons of protein powder

4 pieces of mint leaves


The Mixed Berry Smoothie

1 cup of milk alternative, or juice

½ – 1 cup of berries (frozen would create more milkshake effect)

1 – 2 tablespoons of protein powder as an option

1 banana

The Avocado Shake

½ a piece of avocado that is peeled pitted and sliced.

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

1 cup of frozen cherries, pitted

1 cup of orange juice

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