ESSpa’s Paprika Party

On Wednesday, January 28th 2009, ESSpa will have a paprika day!  Come one and all and join in the hot celebration with paprika treatments by ESSpa Kozmetika, extraordinaire in skincare. Did you know that paprika has stimulating effects?  The paprika bioflavonoid complex increases your blood circulation and detoxifies skin cells.  Try the Hungarian paprika cellulite treatment which actually reduces the appearance of cellulite.  Pair it up with the Hungarian paprika power facial.  The paprika power facial increases blood circulation to plump the skin and fill fine lines and wrinkles.  It will brighten dull, dry skin, and brighten your spirits too.  The Hungarian paprika masque and body treatment has an invigorating fresh scent. You can actually feel all of the natural and organic ingredients on your skin (like the seeds, herbs, and spice) within each eminence paprika treatment. 



Paprika treatments are the best to use right now.  Especially since the cold and dry weather can take its toll on your skin.  It will moisturize and tone your skin from head to toe.  Who wouldn’t want to look their best right now…especially since Valentines Day is on its way.  Come on in to spice up your life with paprika treatments on Wednesday January 28th, 2009.  Can you take the heat?

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