Team Member Bio: Jennifer, Massage Therapist

Jennifer (A.K.A. Jen Lee) is one of the fabulous massage therapists at ESSpa Kozmetika and we couldn’t wait to tell you about her. Jennifer is from Pittsburgh but she has lived all over the country. She has settled in Florida, Hawaii, and San Diego. She moved back to Pittsburgh two years ago from living in San Diego for seven years. Jennifer has had a passion for massage therapy ever since she was 16 years old. She attended the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville in 1997 and has traveled all around the world to get expert training in other areas of massage therapy. She has been to England and trained with Steiner in Elemis Body Treatments. There, she was working on an exclusive cruise ship. She has also traveled to San Diego for a special training in Lomi Lomi Massage and hot stone therapy. She has even been to Bangkok, Thailand for training in Thai massage. She has received national certification from the NCTMB and has been practicing for 12 plus years.

Jen tries to approach each massage to meet the specific needs of the day for each special guest. Jen’s favorite treatment to indulge her guests in is a hot stone massage and a parafango wrap. Jen says, “The combination of mud and paraffin wax is detoxifying and exfoliating. It just leaves your skin so smooth.” Every once in a while, even Jen herself will try and distress and get a treatment at ESSpa. She highly suggests a good massage to relax.

Jen suggests to her guests that they try the pear and poppy seed exfoliation treatment from Eminence. It helps to exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Not only does she suggest great organic treatments she suggests that one incorporates a healthy balanced diet into their lives just like she does. She says that fruits, veggies, fish, rice cakes, and tofu are so good for you and they are just some of her favorites.

In Jen’s spare time, she likes to cook, watch movies, and spend the day with her husband and Bichon Frise, Woofy. Jen hopes to incorporate more yoga, travel, and playing guitar into her busy schedule in the near future. One of Jennifer’s best experiences was giving a massage to a very exclusive movie star while he was in town. ESSpa is proud to have Jennifer on our team and she is just as pleased working with us in her hometown.

Jennifer says that ESSpa’s unique and elegant interior flare sets us apart from the rest. As well as the constant need to update and improve the décor every year. She also says that our marketing, staff, and products will give anyone amazing results that will aid in the highest caliber of their experiences at ESSpa Kozmetika.

ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare & Day Spa exists within an organically restored WWI-era auto dealership located just 8 miles north of Downtown Pittsburgh in Aspinwall Borough. Eva and her team of Hungarian-trained professionals use only the finest and handmade products in facials, massages, body and nail treatments that are each designed to go beyond mere relaxation and deliver better-looking, healthy skin. It is Eva’s belief that a trip to a spa should never be considered a luxury and that regular visits to ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare treatments are true preventative medicine that should be routine for the entire family – even children.

For more information contact:
Scott Kerschbaumer
17 Brilliant Ave
Pittsburgh, Pa 15215


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  1. It sounds like ESSpa is a great place but I do have one question. What is the benefits of using poppy seed in your exfoliation treatment, what are the beneficial properties?

    Bruce Baltz
    SpiriPhysical, Inc

  2. Great Question Bruce,

    There are many methods of exfoliating dead skin and the variety of ingredients can lead to great confusion. Our Pear & Poppyseed Microderm Polishing Paste is categorized as a physical exfoliant (as opposed to a chemical exfoliant like a glycolic acid peel). We use four different physical exfoliants but for take home use, nothing comes close to the Pear & Poppyseed Polishing Paste. The combination of the organic pear and green apple pulps with green tea extract and whole poppyseed deliver a wide variety of bioflavonoids, hydroxycinnamic acids, Vitamin C, quercetin, Vitamin E, and other antioxidants to relive congested pores, prevent breakouts, increase micro-circulation, stimulates cell renewal and supply nutrition to the epidermis. The use of whole poppyseeds in the polishing paste allows for a more even exfoliation without microscopic sharp edges found in crushed shells or other typical, more abrasive scrubs – making this product perfect for sensitive skin. Click here to read more about this great product.

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