Talking with Eva about Problem Skin


You have all probably experienced this. Have you ever dealt with an elderly patient, relative, or friend who had extremely thin skin? You know, they have that type of skin that is so thin and fragile that they get cut or bruised by just brushing up against something. Well, at ESSpa Kozmetika, there is hope for those dealing with this issue. I’m here to help you to determine what products are best for problem skin and this time, we are addressing this issue of dry, thin skin on the face, arms, and hands.

The most effective and beneficial cream out there is the Eminence Linden Calendula cream. It can be used for multiple purposes on all different areas of the skin. It is so rich that it can be used as a masque treatment as well as a night cream. The Linden Calendula cream restores youthfulness and elasticity with the help of the biocomplex. The biocomplex is an antioxidant booster of vitamins A, E, ester C, co-enzyme Q10, and alpha lipoic acid.

These ingredients will leave the skin softer, smoother, enriched, and revitalized. The herbal oils, extracts, and honey will protect the skin from any sort of damage. Linden Calendula is quite intensive at regenerating new and stronger skin cells. It is known to regenerate and repair any sort of damage to the skin. Linden Calendula is suggested for mature, sensitive, sun-damaged, and de-vitalized skin types. There will also be visible signs of a reduction in aging after continuous use. Pairing this cream with a stone crop serum will lighten and improve sun and aging spots on the hands, face, and arms. The stone crop succulent serum lightens and improves the skin’s texture and appearance with the use of antioxidants.

I suggest that those who have thin and dehydrated skin use the Linden Calendula cream two times per day. I would use it once in the morning and once at night everyday. It is very thick and moisturizing so, the more you use it, the better. You may also use the Linden Calendula cream with a little bit of water or tea to dilute the product for a lighter consistency. This will also make the cream last longer for you so you can get more for your money.

ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare and Day Spa is open everyday for your convenience. If you have any questions regarding our menu of products or services please do not hesitate to contact us at 412-782-3888 or check out our website at

ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare and Day Spa exists within an organically restored WWI-era auto dealership located just 8 miles north of Downtown Pittsburgh in Aspinwall Borough. Eva and her team of Hungarian-trained professionals use only the finest and handmade products in facials, massages, body and nail treatments that are each designed to go beyond mere relaxation and deliver better-looking, healthy skin. It is Eva’s belief that a trip to a spa should never be considered a luxury and that regular visits to ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare treatments are true preventative medicine that should be routine for the entire family – even children.

For more information contact:
Scott Kerschbaumer
17 Brilliant Ave
Pittsburgh, Pa 15215


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