You Don’t Have to Settle for just any Sunscreen… Visit WWW.ESSPA.NET for More Info!

Hello All! Its Eva here.
I just got back from Florida and I didn’t take just any old sunscreen that is filled with oils and synthetic ingredients. Who would want that to clog their pores? Nobody I know, that’s for sure. I took my sun defense brushes by Eminence Organics for myself, my husband, and my son.

Are you looking to protect your skin but you still think it’s a little early for the sunscreen? Well, the newest and latest product at ESSpa Kozmetika is a line of powdered SPF bronzers and foundations. Can you believe that such a light product like a powder can give you full SPF sun protection? It’s true and it’s exceptionally nice. The sun defense make-up powders give effective 30 SPF protection. Due to their natural ingredients, the powders are hypo-allergenic for all skin types on both men and women. Yes, ladies…I said men. I mean, just think about it, golfers, swimmers, and skiers need sun protection too. Luckily, there is a translucent powder available for the men’s convenience.

The SPF powders are anti-inflammatory, healing, and they are great for post treatment. (After a facial) They are water-resistant so that means they are perfect for the pool or even exercise. It’s clean and anti-bacterial so it won’t clog pores. The powders are made of all natural ingredients like fruit extracts, nuts, honey, minerals, and micronized zinc oxide (spf) of course. They are loaded and I mean loaded with bioflavonoids and vitamins for the skin so it’s actually healthy for your skin rather than nothing at all. For those with sensitive skin, it reduces skin flare ups and oil production. It’s sleek and smooth pumping brush is easy to use and it can travel anywhere. I use it everyday and I especially like to use it in place of a blush. Just pick from the variety of colors to choose from. At ESSpa, we have the following available for you:

No. 0 Translucent- For men and women for SPF purposes and as a setting powder.

No. 1 Honey & Apple-For light to medium skin tones

No. 2 Cherries and Berries- For medium skin tones with neutral to warm undertones

No. 3 Peaches and Cream- For light to medium skin tones with neutral to cool undertones

No. 4 Calendula Spice- For medium to dark skin tones with warm undertones

No. 5 Cinnamon Bronzer- For dark skin with dark to reddish undertones or it can be used as a bronzer for darker skin tones.

ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare and Day Spa is open everyday for your convenience. If you have any questions regarding our menu of products or services please do not hesitate to contact us at 412-782-3888 or check out our website at

ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare & Day Spa exists within an organically restored WWI-era auto dealership located just 8 miles north of Downtown Pittsburgh in Aspinwall Borough. Eva and her team of Hungarian-trained professionals use only the finest and handmade products in facials, massages, body and nail treatments that are each designed to go beyond mere relaxation and deliver better-looking, healthy skin. It is Eva’s belief that a trip to a spa should never be considered a luxury and that regular visits to ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare treatments are true preventative medicine that should be routine for the entire family – even children.

For more information contact:
Scott Kerschbaumer
17 Brilliant Ave
Pittsburgh, Pa 15215


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  2. Thanks, will give this a try. Seems much more healthy than the usual sunscreen products out there.

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