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Hello everyone. I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about something that has always been one of my most important priorities – cleanliness.

If you are like me, I just feel better when my surroundings are clean. I am emotionally happier, less stressed out, more comfortable and just plain relaxed. That being said, it is very easy to ‘let things go’ and watch things get out-of-control dirty all too quickly. I share this because I was recently at two different establishments (no names please) and was appalled at how dirty one of them was – while quite pleased at how impeccably clean the other was (was I more impressed with #2 because of the dirt at #1? Probably, but #2 was really spotless.)

After seeing this, I began to think about all of the extra hours I spend keeping my spa clean. Did you know that I have two full-time team-members whose only duty is to ensure that ESSpa Kozmetika is as clean as possible. It is a tall order not only because we are located in a hundred-year-old building that shares space with other unrelated businesses but also because ESSpa Kozmetika is the only dayspa in the area that is opened every day. We are not a big corporation nor are we a hotel with a giant housekeeping staff. But seeing an average of 70+ appointments per day, every day – I demand that each guest have the same quality of service as that which you would expect from the most luxurious of boutique resorts.

And the cleaning doesn’t stop after removing dust bunnies. It continues throughout each and every spa treatment. Look at our nail department. Some guests ask why we insist on using hand-hammered copper soaking vessels for our pedicures instead of the typical ‘pedicure throne’ chairs. The answer is two-fold, 1) no matter how hard you try, it is next to impossible to keep a built-in pedicure whirlpool bath clean in a busy spa, there are just too many nooks and crannies and tubes where bacteria can hide, grow and spread whereas our copper vessels have no such nooks where germs can hide; 2) I enjoy the ritual and experience of placing a vessel in front of a guest for her (or his) personal experience and pouring warm, fresh, clean water over the feet to initial a wonderful pedicure service.

Also unqiue to our nail services, every single guest receives a brand-new, indiviudally sealed nail file that will be used in her / his service and then is disposed of after each use. All of our stainless-steel impliments are thoroughly sterilized in a hospital grade disinfectant before each and every use. And just to get things going the right way – before each treatment, both the staff-member and the guest thoroughly wash their hands with our special antibacterial cleanser. We also have jewelry cleansers to put the sparkle back in your rings and bracelets while you enjoy your nail service.

In the rest of our departments, we are just as diligent. Staff-members are required to wash their hands before applying any products to your face or body and each and every impliment and/or piece of equipment is completely and thoroughly disinfected. And if you are having a MicroDermabrasion treatment, rest assured that each guest is provided with a brand-new, unused applciation tip, while our system uses a factory-sealed, HEPA-filtered supply and waste dual container layout.

Our attention to detail continues with our laundry. All of our ample soiled linens are washed on-site which does several things. 1) We are a Green Spa and that means we attempt to hold true to Green standards whenever possible – in our laundry this means we use earth-friendly detergents and we also use high-efficency equipment. The simple fact of doing our laundry on-site also reduces our environmental impact bu not requiring an off-site, linen delivery service to clean our linens (with harsh, industrial chemical detergents).

In short, I demand that my guests are presented with the cleanest, safest, healthiest, most guest-centric environment possible. ESSpa Kozmetika is more than a spa or a corner salon. It is a place that is dedicated to enhancing the overall health and wellness of each and every person who walks in my door. And THAT is what I hope you keep in mind whenever you make your next appointment – even if you make it at another spa.

I invite you to call me for more details and thank you for reading.

Eva Sztupka
ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare
17 Brilliant Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15215
(412) 782-3888


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