Summer Sun, Steamy Wonder and The Sonic Scrubber @ ESSpa Kozmetika

I want you to understand how much I LOVE the sun (although I’m not too crazy about the heat and humidity). Few things can calm me down as fast as lying in the sun. And THERE’s the problem, because as soon as I step outside – that beautiful, warm, inviting sun is causing terrible lifelong, cummulative damage to my skin.

NOW what do I do? I am too lazy to always remember to apply a sunscreen yet I still would like to have healthy skin that looks good.

Good Looking, Healthy skin. This is our passion at ESSpa Kozmetika and that is why I bought 2 new systems and created several new therapies designed to fight sun-damage and help repair tired, dull, lifeless skin.

The first is The Steamy Wonder System. This amazing piece of therapeutic equipment is essentially a personalized steam room that can be placed over a guest without the guest ever having to get off of the massage table. I have designed several specific treatments to help alleviate sun-damage and other skin ailments such as dry skin, congestion, cellulite and more. The great thing about this Personalized Steam System is that your head is completely uncovered during the entire treatment session. Have you ever been in a steam room and just can’t take breathing the hot, humid air for an extended period? With our Steamy Wonder, this is never a problem. It even allows your therapist to continue working on you (Head and Neck Massage or an Ayurvedic Treatment anyone) while your body receives the benefits of the steam session. It is perhaps the most intensive skin conditioning system available. While you comfortably relax, your therapist will massage our intense hydrating cream all over your body. You are then covered with the patented Steam Cocoon which opens your pores and helps balance your body while thoroughly hydrating your skin. We even have designed a special “Tropical Mint Cooling Treatment” to help allievate sunburns and dry skin.

MicroSonic Facial Rejuvenation. This treatment is amazing – both for how non-invasive it is and for the results you will see. It invloves a two-step process. First your esthetican will clean your face better than it has ever been cleansed before via an ultrasonic exfoliation process that uses high speed (24,000 Hz) oscillations of a sterilized, stainless-steel applicator that “supercharges” our organic cleansing milk. This prepares fresh “new” cells to receive Step 2: Ultrasonic Massage combined with Microcurrent (+200Ua to +400Ua) to forceably “push” into the stratum a specially designed serum full of highly concentrated vitamins, trace minerals and other nutrients essential for your skin to grow new cells that function properly.

All in all, both of these treatments combine the latest in technology combined with my Traditional Organic Hungarian Skincare methods to deliver the most effective, non-invasive results possible. And of course, at the end of each of these great Treatments, we will apply a fresh dusting of our organic Sun Defense 100% Mineral Sunscreen (spf30) to help protect your new radiance. I invite you to call or stop by to learn more and to schedule your The Steamy Skin Rejuvenation Treatment or MicroSonic Facial Rejuvenation Treatment today.

Eva Kerschbaumer
ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare
17 Brilliant Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15215
(412) 782-3888


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    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

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