Start Young to Stay Young – The Benefits of Spa Treatments for your Child

Kids and young adults are constantly bombarded with images of how society thinks they should look, act and feel. I just read an article about the rush to “create” and design spa services for younger guests amongst some of the best-known brands in the hospitality industry. Names like Four Seasons, InterContinental, Grand Hyatt, The Homestead, Trump International, Ritz-Carlton and others are scrambling to offer “spa treatments for kids”.

What amazes me is that one does not need to “create” a new treatment at all. What I have always done since opening ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare 7 years ago is simple and so much more effective – offer the same treatments (obviously adjusted to the needs of a child’s skin at the time of treatment) in the same setting (same rooms, same music, etc.) to our younger, child guests (both girls and boys) as our older, adult guests. I do this because 1) I am a mom first, an esthetician second and a spa owner third; 2) I am younger than most spa owners and; 3) Growing up in Hungary, it was perfectly normal for my mom to take my brother and me to the spa on a weekly basis from the age of 5 – we were taught that going to the spa was part of our normal personal grooming and hygine.

I hope someday, the focus will stop being on the glitz and glam (i.e. “spa parties”) and instead try to educate our young guests (and their parents) about all of the benefits that consistent spa treatments can deliver. An additional benefit is that by bringing a young person to an adult spa, it helps parents teach their child proper etiquette and behavior. I know more people (and the big brands) will continue to spend money on spa parties and luxury physical plants because that is what their marketing executives demand (and it is easier to market little princess pedicure parties than acne facials to 12 year-old boys). And while somewhat frustrating, I am okay with that, because it will allow me to continue to capture all of those guests looking for a skincare alternative to seeing a dermotologist for prescription drugs like accutane or tetracyclene. And perhaps the best thing about offering younger guest the same kind of treatments as their parents is the complete lack of stress that comes with a spa treatment at ESSpa Kozmetika. Kids don’t have to worry about partying or “doing something active” during their time with us. Yes, a treatment at my spa will be “fun”, but it will also be completely healthy, relaxing, rejuvenating, refreshing and thoroughly educational.

Hungarian native and licensed Esthetician, Eva Sztupka-Kerschbaumer is proud to offer the same array of organic skincare treatments to all of her guests, be they women, men, tots, tweens or teens. Eva is recognized as one of the foremost industry authorities on spa treatments for children and has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Healing Lifestyles & Spa, DAYSPA Magazine, and a host of other publications. in 2008, her spa was named “The 3rd Best Spa in America” by The Industry Source Magazine and Pittsburgh Magazine named her spa “Pittsburgh’s Best Green Spa” in 2009. ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare is the only Accredited Member of The Green Spa Network in the State of Pennsylvania. Click Here for more information about her spa treatments for children. Eva can reached for comment at


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  1. […] Start Young to Stay Young – The Benefits of Spa Treatments for your Child […]

  2. What a fantastic idea, creating a spa for children to go to with their parents. I think that teaching children from a young age the importance of taking care of your skin and enjoying an afternoon at the spa, is such a wonderful way to rejuvenate. Children experience stresses on a different level, this is a wonderful way for them to relax and let their troubles fade. This has positive written all over it. Thanks so much.

  3. Hi Ann, Glad you like the post. Hard to go up against the majors with a different opinion. Let me know if I can ever help you.

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