Treat Your Skin to … Gold

Some of you may have recently heard of the health benefits of gold facials masks. So, following with this idea (and also showing a little pride for our Pittsburgh Steelers), ESSpa Kozmetika is introducing the Black n Gold Super Facial!

This facial includes all of the special treatments you love in the European Traditional Facial, but takes it to the next level. We use a 24k gold facial mask as a final touch to lock in all of the vital minerals.

There have been several studies on gold, proving it to be quite the powerful anti-aging treatment. It is used to slow down the depletion of collagen in your skin, keeping you looking younger. Besides the tightening effects (which are always welcome), this mask will also help to reduce sunspots and pigmentation, increase blood circulation, and remove all toxins in the skin.

In addition, ESSpa is always committed to the treatment of sensitive skin, which is more common as the skin ages. This Black n Gold Super Facial will never cause irritation towards your sensitive skin because of the calming products used throughout the treatment, as well as the soothing effects of the gold.

So…if you’re in the mood for trying a new and exciting treatment, look no further than ESSpa for your Black n Gold Facial! Follow the link to learn more!


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