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From Eva: Color me excited about these vivid enamel looks!

Whether you’re big into bold brilliance or adore crisp black & white,

there’s something to love from any style spectrum in today’s sale …


Celebrating Baby Bumps
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What Monsters are lurking in your Refridgerator

Things In Your Fridge You Should Throw Away Immediately

Thank you to Kitchen Daily, which is where this article was originally posted on 5/5/13

For many of us, there are things hiding in our fridge that we dare not unearth, from cloudy Tupperware shoved at the back of the fridge to the unidentifiable object in our produce drawer. Spring is the perfect time to clean out your refrigerator and take a closer look at what exactly you’re stocking up on, and you may find that some items you don’t normally think twice about may actually be hazardous to your health. Whether to practice safe food storage or to adopt a healthier lifestyle, we’ll show you seven hidden hazards in your refrigerator that you should throw out immediately.

So the Scary thing is here – open that fridge (or pantry) door and see how many things on this list are in there right now. 99% of us have at least 1 or more of these things in our homes and we consume them all the time. And even though I own an organic spa and was raised on an organic farm (my dad still has his organic farm in Hungary) I usually have some of these items every week. Why? Because they are convenient and I am always too busy to think about the consequenses of my choices. Hmmmm, now that I think about it, perhaps I should listen to Scott more as he is constantly wanting to eat out more often than not.
STAY SAFE and EDUCATE YOURSELF. Because Beauty is more than Skin Deep.

6 ‘Gee Thanks’ Mothers Day Gifts

I would like to thank for providing this wonderful article that I am pleased to share.

“Silk flowers? A ceramic pot? Heated socks? Oh and you’d like me to make Mother’s Day Breakfast? Thanks?” On Sunday, May 9th, these woes will be echoed from Moms across America. We’re not saying you should go broke to show your affection, but at least make an effort. We asked some of our favorite mommy bloggers which Mother’s Day gift they DO NOT WANT, despite the delusional marketers’ beliefs that it’s “perfect for all moms!” Hilarious, but truthful answers below.

HINT: MOM REALLY JUST WANTS TO GO TO A SPA, so get her a Gift Card for that massage, facial or mani-pedi she so desires. No risk, all kisses! Ship, email or print – now thru Mother’s Day.

And my Mother’s Day gift to them that hopefully they WILL love:


As seen on TV… again and again and again

It happens every Valentines Day, Christmas, and Mother’s Day: Chain jewelry stores over-advertise one specific thing, touting how inexpensive it is. Who wants to get this? You’ve seen the ads for weeks, you know your significant other spent exactly zero brain cells deciding to buy this thing, you know it’s cheap, and worst of all you know that a ton of women with sucky men are opening up the same exact gift.



Mothers Day Link Love: Best Mom Advice


Oh… you want me to clean something?

Cleaning products like vacuums and items for the house such as printers & gadgets (unless it’s especially for her like an ipod touch or an iPad) that they claim are “perfect” for mom’s on Mother’s Day. Some people don’t know that Mother’s Day is just that – for the mother, not the house or anything else.



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That’s pretty… pretty trashy

I got an email from SimpleHuman the other day promoting trash cans, paper towel holders, and recycling bins as Mother’s Day gifts. I think their products are beautifully designed, but a trash can for Mother’s Day? What better way to say I love you than here’s a place to throw out trash!



Mother’s Day Link Love: family money saving tips


Painful to the hair follicles… and the heart

One of the Mother’s Day gifts I would never want is a waxing kit (either at home or at a spa). Yes, husbands might think that’s a sure fire way of getting “private time”, but whenever I see highly marketed waxing kits: I wince! Call me crazy, but sheering pain and being “detailed” like his favorite car doesn’t say “Thank you Mom” as much as a Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy and a cold pint of Ben & Jerry’s.



Mother’s Day Link Love: mom style blog


Heartfelt poetry… by someone else

Can I be frank?  I absolutely do not like getting those pre-made poetry plaques that gift stores sell! All they do is collect dust and really, don’t mean a whole lot more than, “I had to find something that said ‘MOM’…”. Now, when my son wrote a poem for me and my husband had it engraved in a plaque, I thought that was pretty sweet and I’ll treasure it always!



Mother’s Day Link Love: best mom blogs


Want it… but save it for another holiday

Although most of us would love to own a super awesome Dyson, I think that if my husband got me one for Mother’s Day, he’d be putting on an apron and demonstrating it’s uses in front of the camera for the whole bloggosphere to see!



Mother’s Day Link Love: advice for working moms


Here’s an idea: get her a gift that would never end up on this list… an ESSpa Kozmetika Gift Card. They’re on sale right now, and you can print them instantly. They’re redeemable 365 days a year, and they never expire! Just visit right now to see all of our special spa packages that your Mom will LOVE!

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