Why Beauty Products with Liposomes Don’t Work.

We spend considerable time, money and effort researching how to make all of the skincare products that we use in our Spa Treatments as effective as possible. One of the most unique (and costly) products are called Biopeptix Cosmeceuticals. Not only are the the most effective creams, serums, masks and exfoliants we have ever found – ESSpa Kozmetika is the Exclusive North American Master Training Center for Biopeptix.
Read the following for just one major reason why Biopeptix products are so different (read – BETTER) than any other OTC skin care product out there.


Liposomes Don’t Live Up to Beauty Hype

Beauty Products with Liposomes Don’t Work

Posted by ThirdAge.com on February 20, 2013

Don’t believe the hype: liposomes, which are often included in beauty products because they can supposedly alter the skin’s structure, really can’t do that.

Liposomes, small capsules of fat, are said to transport themselves deep into the skin, releasing  substances that rejuvenate and hydrate, leading to a structural alteration in skin. But researchers from the University of Southern Denmark discovered that liposomes, far from getting deep under the skin, sometimes don’t even get past the skin’s surface.

“We have shown that liposomes are destroyed before they enter the skin or very soon after,” researcher Luis Bagatolli said in a statement.  He also said that liposomes are not the “efficient carriers” they are supposed to be.

To reach that conclusion, the researchers used the technique RICS (Raster Imaging Correlation Spectroscopy) to see what liposomes do when they’re applied to the skin. Bagatolli said that previous studies using another technique had indicated that liposomes didn’t do what they were said to do. But this study, he said, established that definitively.

The findings, published in the journal Investigative Dermatology, came as no surprise to the researchers.

“The human skin is designed to prevent external components to enter the human body,” Bagatolli said. “It is natural that it also prevents liposomes to enter.”

So how does this relate to Biopeptix? BECAUSE, all Biopeptix Products use Fullerenes as their method of encapsulation. Fullerenes are unique and different because they are a carbon based, spherical, transdermal delivery system that are able to penetrate through the skin’s outer layers allowing the active ingredients to be more readily absorbed and put to use by your body.

I love it when real clinical trials confirm the science that makes Biopeptix Cosmeceutical Products so amazingly effective.


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