On Saturday, December 4th – ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skin Care & Spa welcomed Cynthia and her mom and her Aunt to our spa for 4 hours of relaxing, pampering and a healthy break after the excitment of meeting and practicing with the Super Bowl Champion Steelers at their facility on Pittsburgh’s South Side. Cyndie is an amazing, sweet and gracious young lady who has been fighting lukemia. The KidsWish Network received Cydie’s wish to meet the Pittsburgh Steelers and sent her and her family to visit Pittsburgh and spend the weekend with the team and enjoy a wonderful trip together. We are honored that KidWish selected ESSpa Kozmetika as the place to send Cyndie and her family after meeting the team to relax and enjoy the rest of her trip to Pittsburgh. It was a very special treat for us to meet someone of Cyndie’s caliber and we send to her and her family our most sincere wishes for a long and happy life and for a very Merry Christmas and even Happier New Year. Thank you KidsWish and God Bless you Cyndie.

Eva and Scott Kerschbaumer
ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare

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Why get a treatment @ ESSpa Kozmetika?

So a friend of mine recently took a trip to New York and her friends decided to make a stop in one of the many salons that line the streets of Brooklyn. Her friends frequent these places because they are quick, always have an open seat and are very inexpensive. That raised the question, why come to ESSpa?

At a quick in-and-out salon, the focus is not really on your relaxation or your enjoyment or your health, but rather about performing the service as quickly as possible. At the end of the day, these places sole focus is on squeezing as many people through their chairs as possible – its all about volume and turnover. At ESSpa Kozmetika, we are first and foremost honest and I would be lying if I said we were not interested in making a profit. But that is about the only thing we have in common with 99% of the other establishments in the beauty industry.

Lets talk about our Unique Selling Point (or USP as my husband likes to call it). From the day we opened, I have always approached the treatments that we offer at ESSpa Kozmetika as part of a healthy lifestyle. 7 years ago, the idea that spa treatments should (or could) be part of a personal preventative health maintenance program was not nearly as hip or fashionable (or even clearly understood) as it is today – especially in Pittsburgh. Now, after walking the walk and leading by example and opening our doors, tables and treatments to everyone regardless of age, gender or position – the industry has begun to look at ESSpa Kozmetika as what the definition of a successful and sustainable dayspa should be.

Rest assured that we are dedicated to making your entire spa experience something that you will happily remember – regardless of whether you visit for a simple eyebrow wax or six hours of rejuvenating transformative treatments! Even though our focus is on your overall health, the atmosphere of our spa is the complete opposite of clinical or typical. Huge trump d’olie murals and actual storefronts with real cedar roof shakes, leaded glass windows and heirloom furniture from my husband’s family help to create a soothing, stress-free environment that bekons you to come in, sit down, linger and enjoy a cool glass of lemon water or choose from our selection of herbal teas or fresh fruit – both before and after your treatment. Our technicians work very hard to make your treatment as healthy and as relaxing as possible, whether it is a Swedish massage or a body waxing. At ESSpa, our team prides themselves at getting to personally know each of our guests – and it is our goal to make our treatments accesible to every member of your family. All of our treatments are individually customized to focus on your needs and desires on the day of your treatment because we understand that everyone’s skin and body has unique requirements that might change with age, environment and the seasons. We also work hard at staying “green” with all of our products for treatments and retail…something that you will not find anywhere else, an achievement recognized by our membership as a Founding Seed Spa of The Green Spa Network (one of only 12 such establishments in all of North America and the only member in the State of Pennsylvania.

Our team has definitely proven themselves over the past few years. Even within the last 12 months, ESSpa Kozmetika has been named “The 3rd Best Spa in America,” as well as Pittsburgh Magazine’s “Best Organic Spa” and “Best Skincare.” In honor of this, we have recently introduced 7 new treatments that I would like to share with you:

7. Hands and Feet are often the most overworked and overlooked when it comes to our personal care. So first up is our MojiToes Pedicure. This exceptional treatment utilizes a steaming bath of muddled mint, sugar, fresh limes and aged, Caribbean rum in addition to all of the other organic scrubs, masks, paraffin and other lotions and potions to create the perfect pedicure. When researching nail services you need to be very careful. For instance, our base manicure and pedicure both include a heated, aromatherapy-infused paraffin treatment as well as a relaxing massage. Double your pleasure and have a Mojito Manicure as well for a total of $120 (for both). If you don’t have time for the full Duo, call (412) 782-3888 and ask about our Express Petite Nail Treatments.

6. Continuing on a theme, our Fresh Steaming Greens Wrapless Body Wrap is just what the doctor ordered to recharge tired, sun damaged skin. The great thing about this “wrap” is that we don’t wrap you at all. After a thorough full body dry brushing, you are covered in a rich sea-based mud mixed with fresh-brewed, organic green tea and fresh-picked mint. Then we cover you with our exclusive Steamy Wonder Tent (your head remains uncovered so you only your body gets the heat benefits) that provides soothing, aromatic heated steam to open pores and allow greater penetration of all the essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. This is simply an incredible treatment that you cannot get anywhere else. Add a Citrus Exfoliating Body Polish (total for both only $180) for the ultimate body rejuvenation.
5. One of our more effective “high-tech meets tradition” Facial services is the MicroSonic Stimulating Skin Scrub. This enhanced treatment can be scheduled as a stand-alone “express” treatment (perfect for a quick pick-me-up) or added on to one of our “traditional” facial treatments for the most dramatic results. The technology behind this therapy utilizes an ultrasonic oscillation greater than 24,000 pulses per minute to quickly and painlessly  “vaporize” the dead cells of the epidermis, clearing the way for deeper penetration and greater absorption of enhanced serums and nutrient-laden toniques, masques and tinctures.

4. Few things are as quick to deliver positive health benefits as a Therapeutic Massage Treatment at ESSpa Kozmetika but almost all of our hour long therapies are available for under $100 (and you actually get to stay on the table for a full 60 minutes, unlike many spas where an “hour” massage is really only 50 minutes). We have a massage for any budget. And now, we are proud to introduce the incredibly soothing (and very difficult to find) Therapeutic Bamboo Massage. This relaxing and relieving therapy uses polished, organically harvested bamboo to relieve pain, clear away stress and soothe stiff joints. Ask around about the training other therapists have received in Bamboo Massage – as our specialist Dori comes to us from Canyon Ranch with specific certification in this unusal modality.

3. Anyone is more than welcome to visit us and enjoy a complimentary skincare consultation with no further obligation or purchase necessary and then relax in our very private, very quiet relaxation sanctuary. Hey THAT is a FREE Treatment. All you have to do is call (412) 782-3888 to schedule (limited appointments available).
2. Perhaps the most interesting treatment (and one of the most ancient) is our new Black and Gold Facial. This “treatment of queens” is itself an upgrade to our ultimate facial treatment by incorporating a 100% pure 24 karat gold mask (each guest gets a new, never-used gold mask that you may take home with you) to help soothe tired skin, balance tone and texture, lock in moisture and important nutrients while acting as an antiseptic barrier to shield your skin from pollution and other environmental stressors.

1. And last but certainly not least is our brand new Pore Refining Blueberry Facial Peel. Where other spas might commonly use a harsh glycolic or chemical acid to peel away layers of your skin (leaving your face red, sore, flaky and irritated), this natural treatment uses organic, boidynamically grown and harvested blueberrys, raspberrys and blackberries to thoroughly slough away the outer statrum corneum (epidermis) leaving you with a smooth, glowing, dewey, “fountain of youth” countenance. Ask to add this peel to any of our facial treatments and enjoy the most incredible of results without any kind of invasive surgery, injections or “down-time”. But be forwarned, this peel does have a bit of a kick to it when used at its most undiluted concentration.

I invite you to try each and every one of these amazing treatments (or stick to your favorites)!

Spa You Soon,
Eva Sztupka-Kerschbaumer
ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare
17 Brilliant Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15215
(412) 782-3888

Real Men Love to be Pampered

Admit it guys, which of you would not like someone to rub your feet for an hour after a long day at work (or the golf course, or the tennis court or whatever)……… who among you would not like someone to gently wash your face (and I mean really wash it, which includes getting all the build up and other junk out of those huge pores that you have tried to ignore all of your life)………… which of you would pass on 90 minutes of pure, stress-free pain relief via an incredible massage at the hands of a CERTIFIED, internationally-trained Therapist? I mean, really – we all want to look great and feel better, right?

So why do soooo many gentlemen (and many women too) discard the healthy, organic, effective spa treatments at ESSpa Kozmetika as nothing more than an uncessary indulgence? I am here to help you understand that my mission is all-consuming and after 7 years has just begun. In my native Hungary, EVERYONE goes to a spa for treatments – from little boys and girls to grandpa and grandma. And they all go to the spa ALL THE TIME – at least once a month or so. Why? The simple answer is Tradition (I feel like Tevye) but the real answer is – Hungary doesn’t have a doctor, supermarket, pharmacy, or other store selling “quick-fix” pills, potions or otherwise on every corner. In Hungary, the spa is their individual health maintainance organization. In Hungary, the esthetician and the massage therapist are the primary caregivers and the manicurist and the hair removal professional are the specialists. In Hungary, people go to the spa all the time because these visits MAKE them look and feel better. And they do this WITHOUT all kinds of pills, drugs or expensive doctor visits.

Most of us would like to live a long and healthy life, yes? If this is true, why do you spend so much time running around as fast as you can as if you are going to not make it past lunch? A healthy, long, fufilling life can only be achieved by slowing down (at least a little bit). You have to take care of yourself, you have to get some sleep, you have to eat better (smaller portions more often – that you chew, a lot – of real, unprocessed foods), you need a sunscreen (every day) and you just altogether need to think about yourself long-term. Plan ahead.

My staff and I can help. My staff and I are constantly learning how to blend new ideas and technology into the organic healthy traditions that I brought with me from Hungary. And these incredible treatments are equally applicable (and effective) for men and boys as well as for the ladies. And there is nothing more gratifying than when a young gentleman client comes in who is now in college and they tell me that the best thing they ever did was let their parents bring them to my spa for an acne cure facial when they were 14 years-old, after years of taking accutane and retin-a that didn’t work and made them feel worse.

Fathers’ Day is this weekend. How many of our Dads refuse to take care of themselves. They work too hard, they play too hard, they always seem tired, they never rest……. and God Bless them, most Dads never complain. Maybe that is the problem, if they don’t complain to you, then perhaps they forget to complain to themselves. Your Dad might just be ignoring his own body’s “cry for help”. Don’t let him do this. Call me and bring your Dad to ESSpa Kozmetika down to the spa for a visit to see what we are all about, to see that this is NOT a flowery, fru-fru “girls only” place. Bring Dad down for a beer or a scotch and a complimentary consultation where we can discuss what he wants and how we can help him look great and feel better.

And when you do call (412) 782-3888, if you mention this post and schedule an appointment for yourself, I will give your Dad a spa treatment absolutely free of charge (there are a few restrictions so please call for details). I really hope the True Gentlemen of Pittsburgh (and the rest of the US) will understand the healthy importance of visiting ESSpa Kozmetika and how a frequent, relaxing, spa treatment can make a big difference in Dad’s quality of life. Call or email me for more details and/or comments.

Eva Kerschbaumer
Founder & CEO
ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare
17 Brilliant Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15215
(412) 782-3888

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