Stop Senate Bills S.3767 and S.510 – Protect Fresh, Local Food Choice

Listen up friends. I usually do not make a such a post but this issue is simply too important and the potential long-term harm if nothing is done is too great. We are not paranoid but something is going on in the US Senate that you need to know about right away.

On Thursday, September 23rd, 2010, the United States Senate will officially consider Legislation that if passed will restrict your access to fresh, locally produced, non-GMO, organic food (these Bills will effectively put small, local family farms out of business and subject the farmers to criminal penalties and/or jail). This Legislation (Bills S.3767 and S.510) will also determine whether we can easily find natural vitamins & supplements – and will potentially make natural health cures a crime.

The Senate is close to passing these pieces of Legislation which will end our freedom of food choice by having the FDA follow International standards (e.g., Codex Alimentarius) to restrict our local farmers and degrade our food. The Senate Judiciary Committee will consider these restrictive Bills on Thursday, September 23, 2010.

I am urging you to tell your Senators to VOTE NO by clicking the link below like I have already and then share this post and link as fast as you can with everyone you can. Explain the situation to them and ask them to take these actions for their households and then send this to their contacts, and so on. Thank you for caring about your health and our common right to fresh, healthy food. Click Here to send a letter to your Senator NOW!

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