Celebrating 8 Years of Spa Success spent with some Walt Disney Institute Training

First allow me to say on behalf of my wife, and ESSpa Kozmetika CEO, Eva and all of team-members and other stakeholders – THANK YOU (times infinity) to every single one of our guests who have visited our spa (in person or virtually via our website) over the last 8 years. It is because of your generousity, friendship and trust that ESSpa Kozmetika has been able to grow and continues to innovate and lead while staying true to our traditions.

To celebrate 8 years of operating a (we think) successful business, Eva and I decided to spend the anniversary of our original opening date (02/02/02) with an intensive, all-day educational training seminar with a group of executives, cast-members and facilitators from the Disney Institute. These incredible people generously shared their processes, programs and protocols (plus a little magic) that the Walt Disney Company uses to create the best customer experience on planet earth.

What does this mean to you. It means that Eva and I and our entire team of spa professionals will not rest on our laurels or our international awards. We are not satisfied with being named the “Best in Pittsburgh” or even the “3rd Best Spa in America”. It means that Eva and I will go to unusual degrees to ensure that every time a guest walks through our doors (or calls us on the phone, or visits our website) WE will exceed their expectations.

So, as we say thank you for helping us achieve 8 years of growth and success, we also say to all who are listening – “wait til you see what we are going to do tomorrow.” To reinforce our feelings about this, I invite you to watch the short video below.

Sincerely hoping to exceed your expectations every day – Scott Kerschbaumer


ESSpa Encourages Spa Etiquette

Hello All!
ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare and Day Spa would like to extend tips and tricks for spa etiquette. Whether you are a first time guest or returned guest, everyone should try abide by these spa do’s and don’ts. These “tips” have been handed down through the years to help everyone – other guests, spa professionals, and most importantly YOU – completely and thoroughly enjoy a spa treatment at our establishment. If you take this advice, your treatments and experience will be top of the line.

Before your scheduled appointment time, we encourage you to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to check in so you can into a spa robe, fill out paperwork (if you are new), enjoy a hot tea or glass of lemon infused water, and just relax. You may also want to take advantage of the sauna or shower before you start a relaxing spa treatment and we invite you to enjoy a complimentary sauna treatment before or after any other scheduled spa service. And If you are unable to make it to your appointment, please call ahead of time to cancel or change your appointment as we only schedule time specifically for you – if you can’t make it that means someone else who wanted to come in couldn’t.

We ask that all guests turn off their cell phones to avoid it ringing aloud. This is your chance to get away from it all and that includes your cell phone. Guests come to a spa to relax… keep in mind your voice level in areas of the spa. We encourage everyone not to talk or laugh too loud because it is best to be courteous to other guests. During your treatment, you may talk quietly or you might wish not to say a word – you control the conversation and your therapist will follow your lead.

We are nationally recognized as one of the only spas in the country that not only welcomes younger guests but offers truly effective spa treatments for their young skin. With this in mind, a spa is not a daycare and we ask that you not bring young children into a spa and leave them unattended. It is unsafe for them and it can be disruptive to other spa guests.

Please give honest feedback to your therapist(s) or front desk personnel. At ESSpa Kozmetika, we pride ourselves on customizing our treatments for the needs of each guest AT THE TIME OF SERVICE. The only way we can do this is if you tell us what you need, what you like and what you don’t. Each spa guest should be treated with the utmost respect and they should enjoy each treatment. If the music is too loud, your massage is uncomfortable, or your temperature is unbearable, please let someone know. Your therapist and/or front desk personnel can make adjustments to ensure the best environment for your visit.

Gratuities are never added automatically at ESSpa Kozmetika and tipping is left completely at your descretion. If you wish to do so, Please feel free to leave gratuity to your therapist. Usually, 15-20 percent is average.

And remember… always try to relax. Try to leave your troubles at the door. That way, our team members can provide the best possible service and treatment for you. After all, relaxing and getting away from all the stress in your life is the reason for a visit to a day spa.

Eva Sztupka Kerschbaumer, owner and Hungarian skincare expert of ESSpa Kozmetika Organic skincare and Day Spa had this to say about spa etiquette. “We hope that each guest will take our tips on spa etiquette. It will ensure a great visit and top of the line treatment. We want everyone to experience what ESSpa has to offer and I believe if you follow these tips for a perfect visit, you will be pleased.”

If you have any other questions regarding your appointment or questions about the spa facility, you may call the front desk personnel, stop in for a tour, or visit www.esspa.net for our page on frequently asked questions. ESSpa Kozmetika is here to serve your with the best treatments and spa experience. Please feel free to relax and let our team take care of you.

ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare & Day Spa exists within an organically restored WWI-era auto dealership located just 8 miles north of Downtown Pittsburgh in Aspinwall Borough. Eva and her team of Hungarian-trained professionals use only the finest and handmade products in facials, massages, body and nail treatments that are each designed to go beyond mere relaxation and deliver better-looking, healthy skin. It is Eva’s belief that a trip to a spa should never be considered a luxury and that regular visits to ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare treatments are true preventative medicine that should be routine for the entire family – even children.

For more information contact:
ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare
17 Brilliant Ave
Pittsburgh, Pa 15215

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