The Best Mother’s Day Gift in Pennsylvania: Professional Massage Therapy

The Best Mother’s Day Gift: A Professional Massage


My family and I recently moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I had been suffering of lower back pain for a while. Therefore, I went to the doctor and had an X-ray. I had developed osteoarthritis in my spine. Well, at least now I knew the cause of the pain.

A couple of months later, my son surprised me with one of the best gifts ever on Mother’s Day. He took me to a popular, local Spa to get one of their famous therapeutic massages.

The atmosphere was relaxing, cozy, and friendly. The owners and their staff greeted us very cordially. Afterwards, they took me to a private room and did a short interview to find out about my health history (allergies, ailments, pain) and needs. They informed me that all of their masseuses were highly trained, certified, and permanent staff members. Then, they proceeded to tell me about the various types of massages available to me, each designed to address different goals.

First, they told me about their Hungarian Honey massage. This type of massage has amazing effects in the body. It helps eliminate toxins, moisturizes, nourishes, and cleans the skin, improves blood circulation, relaxes the nervous system, boosts the metabolism, reduces cellulite, enhances the immune system, and relieves chronic exhaustion.

Then, they introduced me to the Swedish massage, which is done all over your body to ease tension, increase circulation, and relax you.

They offer many other types for different purposes such as hot stone, reflexology, trigger point, maternity, head, neck, and shoulder, and deep tissue sport massages. They all sounded divine to me. That is where things became a bit difficult for me because after learning about their variety and purposes, I wanted to have them all! Yet, I had to choose one.

I decided to have the Hungarian honey massage. The masseuse took me to her room and, after giving me the time to undress and wrap a soft towel around; she began to rub my body gently with honey focusing on my lower back. I immediately began to feel the effects and relief.

There is no doubt that this massage at ESSpa in Pittsburg was the best Mother’s Day gift I have had in years. Schedule a Mother’s Day massage treatment at Esspa Kozmetika Organic Skincare for your mother today. Just use their convenient online form at . She’ll love it!



Live Longer, Live Better – Get a Massage

As I was just looking over some guest visit statistics at ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare to see what treatments are popular and with whom, the results made me think of an article I just read in LiveSpa Magazine – some details of which I am more than happy to share with you (see below). You see, while we remain very busy (I and my team of professional therapists see an average of 60-80 appointments per day, 7 days a week) I believe that there are too many individuals out there that still refuse to think of a spa treatment as “preventative health insurance”. We all know these people, they think it takes to much time or that a spa treatment is too much of a “luxury” or that going to a spa is “too girly”. Regardless of the reason, these folks are just plain wrong and the result of their incorrect opinions can actually shorten their life. “According to the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, people who had a single (read one-time only) deep-tissue sports massage showed an average 7-point reduction in the systolic and diastolic blood pressures. Over time, these lower blood pressure numbers could add as many as 6 years to a person’s life.”

Now, if that is not a reason enough to pick up the phone and schedule an spa appointment I don’t know what is (you don’t even have to come to ESSpa Kozmetika, I just want you to try it and experience what you have been missing so shop around and if you find another spa that you like better – I encourage you to go there.) Not to mention a few extra years will help you keep shooting for a lower golf handicap or improve your tennis backhand or take an extra lap around the track or in the pool.

Spa you Soon,
Eva Kerschbaumer
ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare
Named the “3rd Best Spa in America” in 2008
17 Brilliant Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15215
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