Pittsburgh Black Friday Thanksgiving Holiday Sale – Buy 1 Get 1 Free at ESSpa

BOGO is BACK! ESSpa Kozmetika will open from 11:30pm Thanksgiving Night until 2am – to accommodate customers searching for the best Holiday Gifts (and the Biggest Deals) of the Season. And don’t worry about rain or snow, if the weather is bad – we will open the doors early so you can stay warm and dry.

But before we get to that, I want you to see just what this event is like. Since 1 picture is worth 1000 words, we figure that this video should be very Melville-esque.

Nationally-recognized as “The 3rd Best Spa in America” by The Industry Source, Pittsburgh’s skincare institution will open after Thanksgiving Dinner and start the shopping all-nighter with its iconic Cardapalooza Buy One Get One Deal and a host of other special deals.

“Black Friday is our biggest event of the year,” said Eva Kerschbaumer, Founder, CEO and Esthetic Director for ESSpa Kozmetika. “This will be the 8th year for our Black Friday BOGO Event and every year we have seen more and more customers taking advantage of these special deals so this year we’re really pulling out all the stops for them to save, have fun and be healthy.”

In the past, ESSpa Kozmetika opened its doors in the earlier morning on Black Friday. For 2011, Eva and her husband Scott will open the doors just after Thanksgiving Dinner to provide this unique healthy BOGO opportunity to more people than ever before. “We asked our guests what they would prefer,” said Scott Kerschbaumer, COO and Director of Marketing. “We set up an online poll and responded to our customers’ request to open earlier than past years. Beginning at 11:30pm, when someone buys a Gift Card, we will give them an additional 100% Bonus Gift Certificate.”

According to the Owners and customers of previous ESSpa Black Friday Events, there are no limits to how much (or how little) a customer can spend. For instance, if someone buys a $1000 Gift Card they will receive a Free $1000 Bonus Certificate. Or, if someone buys a $25 Gift Card they will receive a Free $25 Bonus Certificate. It is an honest-to-goodness, 100%, 1 for 1 match.

ESSpa Kozmetika will offer other special Gift Card deals on Black Friday when the spa opens for regular hours at 10am. The Kerschbaumers also said that 25 customers will also have the ability to purchase Buy One Get One Free Spa Club Memberships – allowing the lucky purchasers to save thousands of dollars and enjoy a full year of treatments for a fraction of their regular price.

ESSpa will continue to have additional sales throughout Black Friday that will continue until the close of business at 8pm for purchasers of standard Gift Cards and their exclusive organic creams, masks and serums – and new for 2010 will be specials deals on recycled, eco-chic items from the WineBottleCandleCompany.com.

When asked why someone in a turkey-dinner-induced coma would visit a dayspa at Midnight, Mr. Kerschbaumer said “When you can come out to a local dayspa at Midnight, spend $100 and walk out with hundreds of dollars worth of Free Bonus Certificates, that is a deal worth staying up for!”


•Only the first 152 people in the door (plus those who have RSVP’d here) will be allowed to take advantage of this DEAL. Please plan to arrive early to ensure you are allowed to enter and participate – Don’t get left out in the cold!
•Complimentary Refreshments and Entertainment will be provided for your enjoyment.
•You must visit the spa in person to take advantage of this offer.
•Be sure to study obscure 1980’s pop music and movies to win Scott’s random trivia contests.
•Please note that you cannot use existing Gift Cards to make BOGO Event purchases.
•Those wishing to spend $1000 or more and those interested in Spa Club Memberships will receive special consideration and should call 412-782-3888 for details.
•Call 412-782-3888 for more information.
•We look forward to seeing you, you are the best customers and we truly appreciate your support!
•BTW – We are going to give away a brand new iPad to 1 lucky winner.

Spa You Soon,
🙂 Eva and Scott Kerschbaumer
ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare
17 Brilliant Avenue
(corner of Freeport Road and Brilliant – between Highland Park Bridge and UPMC St. Margaret)
Pittsburgh, PA 15215

PS – If you really don’t want to wait (or are going to be out of town) then we offer this exclusive Exclusive BOGO Pre-Sale Opportunity.

ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare Special Deal

The 2011 Thanksgiving Holiday BOGO Pre-Sale: Spend More + Sleep In

Get a jump on your Holiday Shopping and your Health for 2011 with a Special Offer for those who want to spend a bit more but can’t or don’t want to come and see us after Turkey Dinner. Beginning Monday Nov. 14th until 2am on Friday Nov. 25th, you can purchase a $900 BOGO Gift Card in advance. You will then Immediately receive an additional $900 FREE Bonus Certificate for you to enjoy the best spa treatments in town. Without a doubt, this is the best deal in town. Don’t let it pass you by!

BTW – Forward this email to your friends and if they buy this BOGO we will send YOU an Extra $30 for EACH referral purchase! So send this email to everyone you know – because this Bonus has no limits but it won’t last long!

Get This Deal!

You Get
You Pay

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