Professional vs. Discount Products

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Do you purchase your Cosmetic Products at a grocery store, drug store, or other major retailer? I urge you to read on and educate yourself on the facts given by Lisa Wade McCormick at Take the advice of the experts at ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare, and purchase your custom skin care prescription from our spa to be sure you get what you are paying for and protect yourself and actually save some money! Don’t be fooled by a tactic called “diversion”.

Are you Getting Ripped off? (from
…”Consumers who buy professional hair [skin] care products at major Retailers –or at grocery store and drugstores– are not getting the bargains they may think they are. They’re also fueling a grey-market industry that deals in counterfeit, stolen or outdated merchandise. That’s the warning issued by hair-care giants like Redken, Paul Mitchell, and Matrix, which are trying to crack down on an industry-wide problem known as diversion.

This problem is not only costly to the image of hair [skin] care product makers, but consumers also pay a hefty price.

“The consumer is getting ripped off because not only are they paying more for the products, those products did not come from us, they are not guaranteed and they could be old, stolen, counterfeit or tampered with,” said Vikki Bresnahan, director of product-distribution control for Paul Mitchell. “It’s definitely a buyer-beware situation.”

To illustrate how this scheme affects consumers’ pocketbooks, purchased three professional hair-care products from a Target store in Kansas City, MO….” (to read more visit

At ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare we believe that to give an excellent spa experience and achieve amazing results with your skin, nail and body goals, it is extremely important to use professional products to create predictable results! We can customize your skincare prescription and show you just how to use the products correctly after your treatment between spa visits. You can get optimum results and long lasting benefits with our professional products rather than the store bought products that do not do what they say they do, or may be a “diverted” professional product. Don’t take that chance! Purchase your Professionally Recommended product from ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare. Remember, we guarantee all of our services when you use our professional recommended products. I encourage you to research your prescription and then come in with your questions and ask me or any of my ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare professionals your questions about our what makes our products so different.


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